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On Music and The Sublime: Interview with Eric Moe - Carolyn Ogburn

Orchestra/Large Ensemble     Chamber Music
Solo Instrument     Vocal/Choral

Compositions (1984 to present) all works ASCAP
except where otherwise indicated, scores and performance materials for most works are available directly from Subito Music, <> or (<>, tel 973-857-3440)

Orchestra/Large Ensemble
Kick & Ride (2008) concerto for drum set and orchestra 2-2-2-2/2-2-1-0/1 perc, pno/strings 28’
commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for BMOP
Robert Schulz, percussion, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor
Jordan Hall, Boston 5/22/09

(2003) sit-trag for mezzo-soprano and ten players 50’
commissioned by Mary Nessinger, text by David Foster Wallace; video by Suzie Silver Hear/See a clip of Tri-Stan >>

Fierce Lament (2002) for chamber orchestra 2-2-2-2/2-2-1-1/1 perc, pno/strings 8'

Time, A Maniac Scattering Dust (1999) for wind ensemble 3'
commissioned by Washington & Jefferson College, Washington PA

No Time Like the Present (1996) for orchestra 3-3-3-3/4-3-3-1/3 perc, timp, pno, hrp/strngs 5'
commissioned by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Listen to a clip

Kicking and Screaming (1994) chamber concerto for piano and 10 players 24'
commissioned by the Fromm Foundation
published by C.F. Peters, Listen to mp3 files: Kicking and Screaming I (start) , Kicking and Screaming II (start) , Kicking and Screaming III (start)

Off Trail (1988) for orchestra 2-2-3(or 2)-2, 4-2-3-1, 2 perc., pno, hp, strings. 17'
commissioned by the Fremont Philharmonic

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Chamber Music
A Panoramic Guide to Glacier Travel (2014) for pipa, erhu, cello, zheng, and percussion 13’
commissioned by a New Music USA Project Grant for Music From China
Music From China, Weill Hall, NYC 11/21/2014

Welcome to Phase Space (2014) for vln, vlc, and piano 12’
commissioned by Electric Earth Concerts for the Horszowski Trio                                                                            
Horszowski Trio, Jaffrey NH 6/22/2014

Demon Theory (2013) for alto saxophone and piano 10’
commissioned by Elliott Riley

That’s When Their Troubles Began (2012) for alto saxophone and harp 10’
commissioned by Sean Murphy, Dannel Espinoza, Noah Getz, Idit Shner, and Bart Walters
Noah Getz, sax, Jacqueline Pollauf, harp, Levine School, Washington D.C. 4/19/13

The Salt of Broken Tears (2012) for string quartet 12’
commissioned by the Manhattan String Quartet
MSQ, Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival, Dom Armije Concert Hall, Sarajevo, Bosnia 8/29/2012

Danger: Giant Frogs (2011) for four percussionists 18’
commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation for Talujon
Talujon, Roulette, Brooklyn, NYC 9/30/11

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch (2011) (The Deeds and Sufferings of Light II) 20’
for fl, cln/b. cln, vln, vla, vlc, pno, perc                                                                                                                                  
commissioned by the Jebediah Foundation for the Firebird Ensemble
Firebird Ensemble, Chapman College, Orange CA 3/13/2012

Tender Nuts to the Tea Towel (2011) for fl, b. cln, vln, vlc, pno  5’
commissioned by the Hoff-Barthelson Music School
HBMS, Scarsdale, NY 5/22/11

Tendre Noix au Torchon, version for violin and piano
Pauline Kim Harris, vln, Olga Vinokur, pno. Bargemusic NYC 1/4/12

Spirit Mountain (2010) for fl, ob/EH, bsn, perc, pno 10’
commissioned by The Network for New Music
NNM, Society for Ethical Culture, Philadelphia 11/21/10

Strenuous Pleasures (2010) for fl/picc/alto fl, cln/b.cln, vln, vlc, pno, perc 11’
commissioned by the Utah Arts Festival
BY University, Salt Lake City UT 6/26/10

Frozen Hours Melt Melodiously Into The Past (2009) for fl, cln/b.cln, vln, vla, vlc, piano 16’
commissioned by the Jebediah Foundation for the Firebird Ensemble
Firebird Ensemble, Longy School of Music, Cambridge MA 10/26/09

Dead Cat Bounce (2009) for b.cln/cln, vln, vla, vlc, piano 12’
commissioned by counter)induction
counter)induction, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC 6/15/09

Grand Prismatic (2007) for clarinet and piano 10’
commissioned by Jean Kopperud
Jean Kopperud & Stephen Gosling, Merkin Concert Hall, NYC 2/23/09

Mud Wrestling at the O.K. Corral
(2007) for cello and piano 9’
commissioned by David Russell

All Sensation Is Already Memory (2006) for flute and piano 10’
written for Tara O’Connor and Margaret Kampmeier

SUPERHERO (2006) for flute/picc, cln/b.cln, vln, vlc, pno, perc 13’
commissioned by the New York New Music Ensemble Listen to mp3 file (start)

I Have Only One Itching Desire (2006) for six percussionists 10’
commissioned by the Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians Listen to mp3 file (start)

Market Forces (2005) for saxophone quartet 14’
commissioned by the New York Saxophone Quartet Listen to mp3 files: Market Forces I (start) , Market Forces II (start) , Market Forces III (start)

Strange Exclaiming Music (2004) for violin and piano 18’
commissioned by Curtis Macomber Listen to mp3 files: Strange Exclaiming Music: I Rhyme Does Not Pay , Strange Exclaiming Music: II Cut Time, Strange Exclaiming Music: III The Sorbet of Regret

Preamble & Dreamsong from the 4-5 a.m. REM Stage (2003) for alto flute or viola and piano 8’
commissioned by Rachel Rudich Listen to mp3 file

down the stream, merrily (2002) for two marimbas 2’
commissioned by the DoublePlay Percussion Duo Listen to mp3 file

Eight Point Turn (2001) for fl, ob, cln, bsn, vla, cb, perc, pno 12’
commissioned by the Philadelphia Music Project and the NEA for Relâche Listen to mp3 file (excerpt)

Dead Elf Tugboat (2000) for flute and keyboard sampler 9'
commissioned by Rachel Rudich Listen to mp3 file (start)

Repeat Offender (2000) for fl, cln, alto sax, vln, vlc, perc, pno 20’
commissioned by the Network for New Music Listen to mp3 files: Repeat Offender I (start), Repeat Offender II (start), Repeat Offender III (end)

The Shocked Music of Pearls (2000) for string quintet 2-1-1-1 8'
commissioned by Elixir Listen to mp3 file (start)

Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds (1999) for saxophone trio (alto, tenor, baritone) 12'
commissioned by the Raschèr Saxophone Quartet Listen to mp3 files: Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds I (start), Rough Winds Do Shake the Darling Buds II (start)

Fled Is That Music (1998) for flute and piano 14'
commissioned by Rachel Rudich Listen to mp3 files: Fled Is That Music I (start), Fled Is That Music II (start)

And Life Like Froth Doth Throb (1997) for viola and 'cello 4'
commissioned by the Fogg/Flaherty Duo Listen to mp3 file (start)

Blue Air (1996) for violin and piano 8'
commissioned by Roger Zahab Listen to mp3 file (start)

Time Will Tell (1996) quintet for fl/picc, cln/bass cln, vln, vla, piano 11'
commissioned by the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society Listen to mp3 file (start)

On the Tip of My Tongue (1993) bass clarinet and keyboard synthesizer (or b.cln. and CD) 14'
commissioned by Tim Smith Listen to mp3 file On the Tip of My Tongue: IV What the Drums Say

Sad Steps (1992); Fancy Footwork (1994) for oboe and piano 7'/4'
commissioned by Marcia Butler Listen to mp3 files: Sad Steps (start) , Fancy Fooutwork (start)

We Happy Few (1990) for vln, vlc, pno 12'
commissioned by the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society Listen to mp3 file (start)

Sonatuna (1990) for clarinet and string quartet 7'
commissioned by the amateur musicians of the Wellesley Composers Conference

riprap (1989) for flute, 'cello, percussion, pno. 7'
commissioned by the Stony Brook Contemporary Music Ensemble Listen to mp3 file (start)

Up & At 'Em (1988) for alto fl, Eng hrn, bass cln, vla, pno. 16'
commissioned by the Koussevitzky Foundation Listen to mp3 files: movement I (start), movement II (start), movement III (start)

A Whirling and a Wandering Fire (1986) for fl, cln/b cln, pno 9'

Variations (1985) for 'cello and piano 15'
commissioned by Laszlo Varga

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Solo Instrument
Uncanny Affable Machines (2014) for viola and fixed electroacoustic media 10’
commissioned by Jessica Meyer
Jessica Meyer, Music on the Edge, Andy Warhol Museum 1/31/2014

Like diamonds, we are cut with our own dust (2014) for solo piano1’
written for Nicholas Horvath’s GlassWorlds project

Obey Your Thirst (2014) for violin solo and electrocoustic sound 10’
commissioned by Mari Kimura
Mari Kimura, Spectrum, NYC 4/26/2014

The Weasel of Melancholy (2013) for solo digital keyboard with microtonal tuning 8’
commissioned by Aron Kallay
Aron Kallay, Music on the Edge, Andy Warhol Museum, 3/1/2015

Hot Keys (2010) for piano solo 9’
commissioned by Daniel Koppelman
Cross Chop (2008) for percussion solo (drum set) 9.5’
written for Paul Vaillancourt

Frozen Rain, Summer Dreams (2008) piano solo 8.5’
written for Van Cliburn Foundation American Composers Invitational Competition
Rob Frankenberry, Bellefield Auditorium, Pgh, PA 11/17/08

Gong Tormented
(2007) for solo percussion (2 Chau gongs, Chinese opera gong, suspended cymbal) 10’
commissioned by Dominic Donato

Flex Time (2006) for solo violin 5’
commissioned by Curtis Macomber

Let Me Tell U About R Specials (2005) for flute and electroacoustic sound 10’
commissioned by Patti Monson

The Sun Beats the Mountain Like a Drum (2004) for pipa and electroacoustic sound 9’
commissioned by the Fromm Foundation for Wu Man Listen to mp3 file (start)

Legend of the Sad Triad (2004) piano solo 10’
written for Jeanne Golan Listen to mp3 file (start)

Hey Mr. Drummachine Man (2004) for piano and boombox 7’ Listen to mp3 file (start)

Teeth of the Sea (2003) for percussion solo (2 conga drums, or conga and tumba) 4’
commissioned by Michael Lipsey Listen to mp3 file (start)

Echo’s Brief Lament (2003) for piano solo [A|B|R|S|M Publishing] 1’
commissioned by Thalia Myers for Spectrum 4
published by the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, UK

Pulaski Skyway Waltz (2002) for solo piano 5’ Listen to mp3 file (start)

Three Ways to Relieve Tension (2001) for solo piano 11’
commissioned by Meet the Composer USA for David Holzman, Listen to mp3 files: Song of the Mackerel - start, Well I Wish I Was A Catfish - start, Catch and Release - start

Where Branched Thoughts Murmur in the Wind for piano solo (2000) 4'
commissioned by David Holzman Listen to mp3 file (start)

Dance of the Honey Monkey (1999) for piano solo 5'
published in Towards An African Pianism: Keyboard Music of Africa and the Diaspora, vol. 2 (MRI Press 2005) Listen to mp3 file (start)

The Lone Cello (1998) for 'cello solo 11'
commissioned by David Russell Listen to mp3 files: Back in the Saddle (start), The Lone Prairie (start), Heading the Philistines Off at the Pass (start)

Nocturne (1997) for piano solo 5' Listen to mp3 file (start)

Grand Étude Brillante (1991) for piano 6'
commissioned by The Etude Project for Alan Feinberg Listen to mp3 file (start)

Fantasy (1984) for piano 12'

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Vocal and Choral
The Artwork of the Future (in progress) opera, four singers and chamber ensemble 100’
libretto by Rob Handel
workshop at New Dramatists with director Ken Russ Schmoll May 4-9, 2015

Valkyrie Suite (2012) short opera for eleven female voices and chamber ensemble (fl, cln, vln, vla, perc, pno) 12’
libretto by Rob Handel, commissioned by Pittsburgh Opera Theater for Hotel Suite
Pittsburgh Opera Theater, Pittsburgh, July 6 and 13, 2012

Of Color Braided All Desire (2011) soprano and string quartet 20’
poems by May Swenson, commissioned by South Mountain Music
Christine Brandes, sop, Brentano Quartet, South Mountain Concerts, Pittsfield MA 9/30/2012

Rapid Transit (2011) soprano and piano 5.5’
poem by William Carlos Williams, written for Eleanor Taylor
Eleanor Taylor, soprano, Jocelyn Dueck, pno. South Oxford Space, Brooklyn 12/6/11

I Want A Boyfriend With Antlers (2011) soprano and piano 5’
poem by Denise Duhamel, commissioned by the Phoenix Commissions
Eleanor Taylor, soprano, The Phoenix Concerts, NYC, March 18, 2011

JOZAPHINE FREEDOM (2009) soprano, clarinet/bass cln., piano/keyboard 20’
an entertainment on a text by Denise Duhamel
Haleh Abghari, soprano, Empyrean Ensemble, 4/18/2010, Mondavi Center, Davis, CA

Lavished Sunlight, Frozen Hours (2009) soprano, cello, and piano 11’
two poems by Richard Wilbur, commissioned by Monadnock Music
Monadnock Music, 7/26/09; Peterborough Town Hall, Peterborough, NH

The Crowds Cheered As Gloom Galloped Away (2008) chorus (SATB) 9’
text by Matthea Harvey, commissioned by Volti
Volti, St. Mark’s, Berkeley, CA 02/27/09; St. Gregory's, SF, CA 2/28/09

Heavenly Labials (2007) soprano, mezzo soprano, and cello 10’
texts by Wallace Stevens, commissioned by the Phoenix Commissions for Seraphim

Seraphim, The Phoenix Concerts, NYC May 2008 She Goes Her Spacious Way
(2005) voice and piano 4’
text by Emily Dickinson, commissioned by Mary Nessinger and Jeanne Golan Listen to mp3 file (start)

O the flesh is hot but the heart is cold (2005) chorus (SATB) 8’
commissioned by Volti text by Matthea Harvey Listen to mp3 file (start)

& A Warm Hello from the Alien Ant Farm (2005) voice and piano 14’
four songs on poems of Bill Kushner Listen to mp3 files: Rain - start, & a warm hello from the alien ant farm - start, Sad Story - start, Big Joe - start

Rain (2004) for jazz singer, hollow-body electric guitar, and upright bass 4’
commissioned by M.J. Williams text by Bill Kushner Listen to mp3 file Rain - start

Tri-Stan (2003) (see large ensemble) Hear/See a clip of Tri-Stan >>

Siren Songs (1998) for soprano and chamber orchestra 2-2-2-2/2-2-0-0/2 perc./strings 27'
voice and piano version
voice and chamber ensemble: (sop, fl/picc, cln/b.cln, vln, vlc, perc, pno)
commissioned by Furious Band. Listen to mp3 files: I The Lost Mermaid (excerpt), II The Sirens (start), III Beauty, That Lying Bitch (start), IV The Song of the Sirens (start), V Eyewitness Account (start), VI In the Hour Before Dawn (excerpt)

Sonnets to Orpheus (1997) for soprano, oboe, string quartet and piano 35'
commissioned by Christine Brandes Listen to mp3 files: Sonnets to Orpheus I (start), Sonnets to Orpheus II (excerpt), Sonnets to Orpheus III (start), Sonnets to Orpheus IV (start), Sonnets to Orpheus V (start), Sonnets to Orpheus VI (excerpt), Sonnets to Orpheus VII (start), Sonnets to Orpheus VIII (excerpt)

Songs of Connection (1996) for soprano, flute, and harp 9'
commissioned by the Jubal Trio

O vos omnes (1991) for chorus (SATB) 6'
commissioned by the Bellefield Singers Listen to mp3 file (excerpt)

Byzantium (1987) for baritone, fl, cln/b cln, tpt, vln, vlc, cb, perc, pno. 18'

Songs Not So Serious (1984) for soprano and piano 10'

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Electroacoustic and Multimedia
concert works:
Mouth Music (1995) electroacoustic, computer with optional keyboard controller 6' Listen to mp3 file (start)

Songs and Dances of the Automobile (1988) electroacoustic, FM synthesis. 14' Listen to mp3 files: Songs & Dances of the Automobile: 1 mambo, Songs & Dances of the Automobile: 2 nocturne, Songs & Dances of the Automobile: 5 piston fling

see chamber and solo music for:
Let Me Tell U About R Specials (2005) for flute and electroacoustic sound 10’
The Sun Beats the Mountain Like a Drum (2004) for pipa and electroacoustic sound 9’
Hey Mr. Drummachine Man (2004) for piano solo and electroacoustic sound 7’
Dead Elf Tugboat (2000) for flute and keyboard sampler 9'
On the Tip of My Tongue (1993) bass clarinet and keyboard synthesizer (or b.cln. and CD) 14'

Eric Moe’s Idyll for piano solo (2008), video by Suzie Silver and Hilary Harp, 5’
a segment of media performance piece AV Lodge Presents: Fruit Machine
2008 Pittsburgh Biennial, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 6/18/08

The Sight of Stillness (2003) electroacoustic music for documentary video 28’
by Carolyn Speranza, funded by the Heinz Foundation.

The Earth Breathing Through Its Elements (2001) electroacoustic music for video installation. 16’
With video artist Carolyn Speranza. Commissioned by First Night Pittsburgh Inc. and funded in part
by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts program of the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Le Trois Behagas Clothed With the Sky, Wink (2000) electroacoustic music for installation 13’
by sculptor Robert La Bobgäh. Commissioned by Robert La Bobgäh

The Trojan Women, incidental electroacoustic music. Euripides, trans. by Frederick Williams, directed
by C.H. Moe. McLeod Theater, Southern Illinois University, 10/5/90

The Life of the Automobile, incidental electroacoustic music (with Mathew Stramoski). Multi-media/performance art work, conceived and directed by R.G. Davis after the Ilya Ehrenburg novel. McKenna Theatre, San Francisco 3/17/88

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