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Upcoming Concerts
3/12 Uncanny Affable Machines, viola & electroacoustic sound [second performance, NY premiere]
Jessica Meyer, viola. counter)induction: x+n at Spectrum

5/4-8 The Artwork of the Future [scenes], chamber opera
Eric Moe, music, Rob Handel, libretto, Ken Russ Schmol, director.
New Dramatists, 424 W. 44th St.

5/18 new work in memory of Lee Hyla [premiere]
counter)induction. Epitaphs: Music in Memoriam
Sat May 16 2015, 07:30PM Church of the Intercession, The Crypt, 550 W 155th St  New York, NY

2/18 The Salt of Broken Tears, string quartet, and Where Branched Thoughts Murmur in the Wind, solo piano. Amernet Quartet and Amy Williams, piano. Florida International University, Miami Beach Urban Studios

2/19 Danger: Giant Frogs  lecture/concert with performances of
Grande Étude Brillant, The Weasel of Melancholy (preview performance), and Gong Tormented. Eric Moe, keyboards, and Aaron Trant, percussion.
Inaugural lecture of chaired professorship, University of Pittsburgh
Frick Fine Arts Auditorium 4pm

3/1  The Weasel of Melancholy for microtonal piano [premiere]
Aron Kallay, piano
Beyond: Microtonal Music Festival
Music on the Edge: Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh PA

3/20 Obey Your Thirst, violin and electroacoustic sound [second performance]
Mari Kimura, violin
Miami ISCM Festival, Miami

4/18 Lavished Sunlight, Frozen Hour, soprano, cello, and piano [second performance]
Tony Arnold, soprano, Gwen Krosnick, cello, Emely Phelps, piano. Electric Earth Concerts: Dublin NH

10/11 Demon Theory, alto saxophone and piano [premiere]
Elliott Riley, sax, Eric Moe, piano.
Reservix: Humboldtsaal, Freiburg, Germany

   Eric Moe: Of Color Braided All Desire, Albany Records, TROY1539
     Christine Brandes and the Brentano String Quartet, Talujon,
     Manhattan String Quartet,
     Dominic Donato, Jessica Meyer, Karen Ouzounian

Eric Moe: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch, New World Records, Catalog
  Number 80741, Firebird Ensemble: Sarah Brady, flute; Rane Moore,   clarinet; Gabriela Diaz, violin; Kate Vincent, viola, David Russell,   cello; Sarah Bob, piano; Jeffrey Means, conductor


Eric Moe: Kick & Ride, BMOP/sound 1021, November 2011, 55:29,
  Boston Modern Orchestra Project, Gil Rose, conductor
  Robert Schulz, drum set


Strange Exclaiming Music. Naxos American Classics
  Catalogue No: 8.559612


TRI-STAN. Koch International Classics KIC-CD-7736 

Tri-Stan, sit-trag for mezzo soprano and ten instrumentalists. Mary Nessinger, mezzo-soprano; Sequitur, Paul Hostetter, cond.

Siren Songs. Albany Records TROY953 

& A Warm Hello from the Alien Ant Farm, Rob Frankenberry, tenor, Eric Moe, pno.  

Sonnets to Orpheus, Christine Brandes, sop., J. Karla Lemon, cond, Jacqueline Leclair, ob, Renee Jolles and Tom Chiu, vlns, Toby Appel, vla, Fred Sherry, vlc, Eric Moe, pno. 

Siren Songs, Elizabeth Farnum, sop, Eric Moe, pno.

The Waltz Project Revisited: New Waltzes for Piano. Albany Records TROY689 (release 11/2004) piano solo.
Eric Moe, piano. Includes Moe's Pulaski Skyway Waltz and waltzes by Milton Babbitt, Hayes Biggs, Ron Caltabiano, Anthony Cornicello, Akin Euba,Philip Glass, Ricky Ian Gordon, Lou Harrison, Robert Helps, Lee Hyla, Andrew Imbrie, Lou Karchin, Karl Kohn, Zygmunt Krauze, Wayne Peterson, Mathew Rosenblum, Roger Sessions, Virgil Thomson, Joan Tower, Charles Wuorinen, and Roger Zahab.
Production and recording costs underwritten by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust. Post-production subsidized by the Ditson Fund and the Virgil Thomson Foundation.

Kicking and Screaming. Three Ways to Relieve Tension, Eric Moe, pno.. Dead Elf Tugboat, Rachel Rudich, fl., Eric Moe, kbd. smplr... Grande Étude Brillante, Where Branched Thoughts Murmur in the Wind, Dance of the Honey Monkey, Nocturne, Eric Moe, pno.. Fled Is That Music, Rachel Rudich, fl., Eric Moe, pno.. Kicking and Screaming, Alex Karis, pno., Speculum Musicae, Donald Palma, cond..
Albany Records TROY597


Up & At 'Em. Up & At 'Em, Rachel Rudich, alto fl., Marcia Butler, Eng.hrn, Tim Smith, b.cln., Lois Martin, viola, Eric Moe, pno.. Karla Lemon, cond. Time Will Tell, Washington Square Contemporary Music Society: Jayn Rosenfeld, fl, Jean Kopperud, cln/b.cln, Rolf Schulte, vln., Lois Martin, viola, Jim Winn, pno.William Purvis, cond. A Whirling and a Wandering Fire, Janet Kutulas, fl, Peter Josheff, cln/b.cln, Karen Rosenak, pno. Blue Air, Roger Zahab, vln, Eric Moe, pno. Mouth Music, electroacoustic. The Lone Cello, David Russell, vlc. Albany Records TROY506 (release 4/02).


Sonnets to Orpheus and Siren Songs. Sonnets to Orpheus, Christine Brandes, sop., J. Karla Lemon, cond., Jacqueline LeClair, ob., Renee Jolles and Tom Chiu, vlns., Toby Appel, vla., Fred Sherry, vlc., Eric Moe, piano. Siren Songs, Elizabeth Farnum, sop., Eric Moe, piano. Koch International 3-7524-2 H1


On the Tip of My Tongue: Chamber and Electroacoustic Music of Eric Moe. On the Tip of My Tongue, Tim Smith/Eric Moe; Sad Steps and Fancy Footwork, Marcia Butler/Eric Moe; O Vos Omnes, The Bellefield Singers; riprap, Music Mobile; Songs and Dances of the Automobile. Centaur Records CRC2290

Eric Moe's music adroitly navigates the border between humor and seriousness, crossing the frontier at will, often without incident. On the Tip of My Tongue is an entertaining an exciting set of studies for bass clarinet and synthesizer veering effortlessly between pop vitality and modernist exploration. Tim Smith gives a wonderful performance of the very difficult bass clarinet part. O Vos Omnes is a solemn, closely argued piece for vocal quartet (on a text from the Lamentations of Jeremiah) with beautiful, slow-moving counterpoint. The Bellefield Singers have a great sound and complete mastery of Moe's idiom. riprap, for flute, cello, percussion and piano, is a collection of lively blocks of scherzo-like material held together by sheer compositional force of will. Sad Steps, for oboe and piano, is another retelling of the Orpheus legend, concentrating on the tragic ending, with the oboe playing the roles of Orpheus himself as well as the mourners. The oboe writing is reminiscent of Elliott Carter's Oboe Concerto, with its supple lines and frequent trilling. Moe conceives of this piece as a lament for "the present condition of art music; voices that can make trees dance and rocks weep are being drowned out with negligent ease". Fancy Footwork is a light-hearted (but hardly shallow) companion piece to Sad Steps, and is part of Moe's own efforts to fight the conditions so dramatically outlined in that piece. Both of these pieces are given excellent performances by Marcia Butler, for whom they were composed, with the composer at the piano. Songs and Dances of the Automobile (FM synthesis) are, in the composer's words, gritty and humorous tributes to America's obsession with the car. Moe uses synthesis with artistry and sensitivity, the technology at his command, instead [of] the music being driven by the technology - as is often the case in music using rapidly developing digital instruments. Moe is a fine composer, and I look forward to hearing more of his music. - Stephen Hicken, American Record Guide, July/August 1997


Speculum Musicae: Music by Emerging Composers. Kicking and Screaming. Speculum Musicae, Aleck Karis, pno, Don Palma cond. Recording and production costs underwritten by the NEA, Aaron Copland, Virgil Thomson, and Fromm Foundations. CRI, CD705

The New York new music ensemble Speculum Musicae gets a CD all its own. But two of the three works sound less like works by emerging composers than works that could have been written almost forty years ago. Eric Moe, however, has written a very effective piece for piano and "pocket" orchestra, called Kicking and Screaming. Even though its rhythms and lay-out sometimes recall Stravinsky, it still sounds very fresh. This is because it's truly modern, responding to the moment and seems to meet and even fulfill compositional and personal needs in the process. - Michael McDonagh, in Tune, July 1996

...That's why I so admire this release. Its substance presumes its audience's taste and savoir faire. This is music of poise and charmed intelligence, its idiom that of an evolved past, neither wildly innovative nor ploddingly retrospective. As with all good music of heart and mind, its Dionysian and Apollonian aspects reflect the maker's personality and craft - out, as it were, in fresh air and sunshine....Eric Moe's fetchingly titled Kicking and Screaming of 1994, for piano and "pocket orchestra" calls for one less than Rosenzweig's eleven [players], several doubling...For the most part ...piano and ensemble go their separate ways, imparting to the work entire an ebulliently spiky character. - Mike Silverton, Fanfare July/August 1996

Speculum Musicae's CRI disc of chamber concertos by emerging American composers is excellent in every respect. The pieces, by David Sanford, Morris Rosenzweig, and Eric Moe, are challenging and engaging. - Stephen Hicken, American Record Guide, September/October 1996


Lions Gate Trio. We Happy Few, Katie Lansdale, vln, Scott Kluksdahl, vlc, Florence Millet, pno. Funded by Aaron Copland Foundation. Centaur CRC2410


Time, A Maniac Scattering Dust. Time, A Maniac Scattering Dust, Rutgers Wind Ensemble, WIlliam Berz, conductor. Mark Masters 3570-MCD.


as keyboardist: John Cage, Thirteen Harmonies (from Apartment House 1776), Roger Zahab, Verging Lightfall with Roger Zahab, vln. Koch International Classics #3-7130-2H1.

The different Harmonies are accompanied by either piano, harpsichord, or organ (according to the individual character of each piece) by Eric Moe (who, perhaps not so incidentally, also happens to be a very talented composer in his own right)....A must for fans of Cage, and a great introduction to his works for the uninitiated, by two gifted and highly intelligent performers who bring a vibrant life to these charming pieces. - Jason Uechi, soundout [ezine], 1995

Felix Draeseke, Viola Sonatas, with Franco Sciannameo, viola. A.K/Coburg #DR-001

Marc-Antonio Consoli, Memorie Pie. for piano solo. Composers Recordings Incorporated, CD735.

Mathew Rosenblum, Nu Kuan Tzu and Ancient Eyes for chamber ensemble. CRI, CD831.

Hayes Biggs, E.M. am Fluegelfor piano solo. (in preparation).